We are here to make hosting a fairy tale!

Internet can be compared to the ocean. Furrowed by social networks and portals - huge, like cruise ships. There are popular websites and successful online shops floating around. It has everything - from historical references to the freshest news. Throwing your nets there, you can get almost any information. In this ocean there is every one of us. It is part of our lives.

One day we decided to launch a new Internet Ocean ship - Morene.Host. At first it was a little ambitious project, but it took little time to become one of the flagships of internet hosting. You ask, what is our secret? And there is no secret. We just set up hosting for you as for ourselves. And always adhere to the following rules:


We guarantee the highest quality services, since we use modern, proven premium equipment. Our partner is a data center of Tier III level. This is a very high standard of data storage, which allows you to carry out any repair and maintenance work without stopping any services. Back-up communication channels, power and cooling provide trouble-free operations. This level of reliability has been designed specifically for banks and other financial institutions, we are happy to offer it to all of our customers without exceptions. Because quality is our rule.


For your convenience, we use the KVM virtualization technology that allows you to host a full virtual analog of physical server - in fact, blurring the line between the virtual and dedicated hosting. To put it simply, every customer receives a fully isolated virtual server that can be customized, modified, and filled with the information as you wish. This ensures that your resources always remain exclusively yours. Furthermore, KVM allows the server to any operating system. By the way, Windows Server license comes with each of our tariffs. Absolutely free. In addition, please note that we support many different payment systems - to your taste. Because your comfort is our rule.


We care not only about the reliability of your site, but also for the welfare of your wallet. Therefore, we offer premium equipment at incredibly reasonable prices. Surely, you have already appreciated our tariffs - the figures speak for themselves! We also very much like to make pleasant surprises for our customers in the form of all sorts of promotions and discounts. Powered loyalty program and the action "Bring a friend". For each new customer you will receive 15% off the cost of your friend’s tariff, and not once, - attention! - every time. Because the best equipment at prices that are enjoyable for your wallet is our rule.


Any experienced captain knows he should take only true friends and trusted professionals on board of the ship. Our team is like this! Each server is under the supervision of experienced and reliable software 24/7. Please contact us at any time for any questions - and you will make sure that you work with real guru of hosting who know and love their job. Because cool team is our rule.


Like no one else we know the golden rule of hosting: even the most powerful server is useless if it no one puts their website on it. Therefore, the most important thing in our work is you, our client. It is for you that we find the best equipment and install the most modern software. It is for you we come up with discounts, promotions and offer the most competitive rates. It is for you we are always ready to pick up the full individual server configuration that perfectly meet your needs. We are always ready to meet you, because you are our everything.

Perhaps, with the course of time, the list of our rules will expand, and we will be happy to please you with new products, tariffs and pleasant surprises. We wish you a comfortable, faraway and successful journey through the boundless ocean of the Internet!